Large/Heavy/40L-60L Payload /Plant protection/Fumigation /Agricultural UAV/ Sprayer/Drone

Large heavy 40L-60L payload plant protection fumigation agricultural UAV sprayer drone

Last update was on: November 16, 2019 12:32 pm

heavy 40L payload agricultural UAV drone Main Features: 1). Configure RTK base station, centimeter level positioning accuracy. 2). Cloud Intelligent Management, cloud mapping APP combined with handheld station and RTK base station. One station can control multiple drones. 3). Equipped with dual antennas to measure direction and has strong anti-interference ability. 4). Intelligent autonomous flight and early warning, automatic return if lost control signal. 5). Intelligent planning route, precise spraying of pesticides in the direction of plant growth, no leakage spraying and no repeated spraying. 6). High-efficient operation with six nozzles, spraying system link with the flight speed. 7). Super heavy load with max 70kg and super long endurance max 3hours. 8). Composite fuselage structure of carbon fiber and aviation aluminum alloy, not easy to break, reduce the maintenance cost. Main Parameters of heavy 40L fumigation agricultural UAV drone: Self weight 80kg Max take-off weight 150kg Max payload 70kg Container capacity 50L Normal operating payload 40L Max duration 180min Normal duration 40min Max flight altitude 1000m Max operating height 50m Max cruising speed 20m/s Max operating speed 8m/s Control radius 3000m Spray width 4-10m Navigation GPS Nozzle Quantities 6 Wind resistance 6 level UAV Exhibition: After-Service: 1. Provides one-year warranty of this UAV (except vulnerable parts such as blade). 2. Provides charge of service after the warranty period. If you are interest in our heavy 40L plant protection agricultural UAV drone,kingly send an email to us,we'd like to offer you more details and pictures video.
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